The Creative Challenge (Day 1)



The Creative Challenge Begins

I recently stumbled across Beeple’s daily challenge posts and was inspired. The idea is to post at least one creative render every single day, regardless of how horrible or unfinished it may be. I would like to begin my own daily challenge to see how far I can get and to track my creative progress over time. Here is the first set of images (day 1):



What is this?

These are a series of abstract images which I create in After Effects using fractal generators, vector blurs, rotational distortion and a hue slider to create the different images. The actual composition is animated, but at a ridiculously high resolution (2880 x 1800 px). I wanted to create something that resembled lava or some sort of plasma, but I wanted a lot of variety. This influenced my decision to actually animate the fractal distortion over time, which allowed me to  pick from hundreds of different fractal patterns. I liked the black strew through the middle in this particular pattern. I also wanted to experiment with different hues. The four pictures above are the hues that were the most striking to me.

Wish me luck.

There’s no guarantee that I will be able to continue this challenge every single day (I am taking 22 credits this semester and the next), but if I miss a day or two, I will force myself to make it up over the weekend. If you would like to submit some of your own work to be posted on DigiDabble, feel free to drop me a note. Cheers!


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