The Creative Challenge (Day 2)

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Keep on keeping on.

Today marks the second day of the Creative Challenge. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, my personal challenge was inspired by Beeple’s daily challenge posts. The idea is to post at least one creative render every single day, regardless of how horrible or unfinished it may be. Below is today’s result:


So what is it, exactly?

I’m not sure. I was hoping to create something organic-looking by distorting parametric shapes. The entire scene in Cinema 4d originally consisted of only a few torus rings, which where then twisted into the image below:

The original render, fresh out of Cinema 4d.

What did you do to it?

After the Cinema 4d passes were completed, I immediately took the innocent, unassuming image into my lair. Deep inside the labyrinth of After Effects, I began twisting and distorting the image using ramps, mirrors and glows. The result is something altogether distinct from the original render. From there, I began playing with the hues. It is interesting to note the different intensities of each composition below. Some look much more organic than others.

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Dakota Wixom
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