Kinetic Typography – TCC17

Day 17 of the Creative Challenge

Kinetic typography.

I’ve always wanted to do kinetic typography but never had the guts to do it. Creating a kinetic type animation is no small feat. Each letter must be constructed from scratch using shape layers and transitions. In order to lighten the load, I made heavy use of monochromatic shape layers and the venetian blinds transition for this animation, also reusing a few elements I created for previous letters in the animation.

The process.

Due to some recent inquiry, I decided to expand this post and talk a bit more about the process of creation. For this animation, I animated 2-3 shape layers individually as masks for each letter, then had them disappear to reveal the actual letter (which is masked out of a composition which contains all the letters). In other words, I animated shape layers until they looked exactly like the actual letter, then hid the shape layers and faded the actual letter into place (No change is visible). I then precomposed each set of  shape layers to make it easier to move the entire animation around in space and time.  This makes it easier to animate the entire word later. I ultimately used a venetian blinds transition to make the entire word disappear.

Note: The letters are from a font called “Neou” thin. One of my favorite fonts.

If that’s confusing, rest assured. I will be coming out with a tutorial on the matter soon!

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