Don’t Have That Plugin? Download After Effects Plugins for FREE!

Download After Effects Plugins for free!

Download After Effects plugins from Red Giant for free? Available on both PC and Mac? Almost sounds too good to be true! Everything from the entire Red Giant keying suite, effects suite, trapcode suite, and magic bullet suite are all available. Many of these plugins even render water-mark free in trial mode. There’s no excuse no to pick these bad boys up and give ’em a whirl.


Download Plugins here

Since Youtube won’t let me link to an external website other than my own, I felt obligated to create this page so that those who don’t have the plug-ins I might use will still be able to follow along and learn.


It is important to first get a trial of these plugins before decide to buy anything. You may have an ambitious ideas of what you are truly capable of (or a misunderstanding of what the plugin actually does). A surefire way to alleviate these fears is to simply pick up a free trial copy that those folks over at Red Giant were so thoughtful of to provide for us.


Even if you don’t have the full version of the plugins, you can still follow along every single tutorial with the trial versions before you might actually decide to purchase it. Oftentimes these plugins aren’t cheap, but if you find that it’s a tool that you can’t get the job done without- it’s definitely worth it.


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note.

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