The Creative Challenge (Day 15)

What is it and how did you make it?

This video is a visualization of Flux Pavilion’s remix of “Gold Dust”. The scene was created in Cinema 4d using a sound control plugin (free for download) from Renderking. I made extensive use of Xpresso inside Cinema 4d to animate various mograph values based on bass, treble, and mid readings from the sound file. The readings are output from 0-200% (which is odd, but whatever) and so I used a range mapper Xpresso node to convert the values into something usable for animation (normally values from 0-100% or 0-1000cm).’

What’s with the colors?

I tried to make something unique by giving each material pure values of red, green and blue pixels, while animating pure red, green, and blue lights to different frequencies of the music. I was hoping that the result would be a more visible mixing of RGB values as the different frequencies fluctuated. Sadly, the scene came out oddly discolored, perhaps because the lights were too intense, and perhaps because I did not use global illumination in this animation to cut down on render times. I guess that’s the price you pay for speed, eh? In any case, I learned a lot by making this animation, and I hope to use these skills to create something even better in the days to come.

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Dakota Wixom
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