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  • AE Tutorial Preview: Animating With Shape Layers

    Animating With Shape Layers (Updated: Now Available Here) This entire animation was created with only four keyframes. Stay tuned for the tutorial and a whole lot of new content coming soon!  

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  • Poetry in Motion on PoetryExpress.org

    Poetry in Motion Featured on PoetryExpress.org Our new Poetry in Motion contest has been featured on PoetryExpress.org!  Send in your poetry submissions of 100 words or less through this link. The winning submission will be turned into an animation and featured on the home page of DigiDabble.com. All submissions must be the original work of the submitting artist, and by entering your submission,

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  • Awesome After Effects Tutorial Website & Resources

    Great After Effects Video Tutorials Visit Vinhson Nguyen’s www.creativedojo.net He has a fantastic site going there, and a lot of free motion graphics related resources and tutorials. I personally learned a lot from this site, and I hope you guys will, too! I truly think that After Effects video tutorials are the way most people can and should learn After Effects.

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  • Tutorial: Animating With Fractals in After Effects

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to animate fractals in After Effects with minimal key-framing by using wiggle expressions. You will also learn how to link animation properties to music by using a plugin from Red Giant called Trapcode Sound Keys. No plug-ins are required for this tutorial, LSD and 70’s style bellbottom pants are optional.

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  • New Contest: Poetry in Motion

    New After Effects Animated 2013 Poetry Contest All Things Motion is starting a new 2013 poetry contest called “Poetry in Motion”. We will be taking poetry submissions of no more than 100 words, and the winning submission will be turned into a short animation. There are no rules regarding content, but try to keep it PG, and the piece most

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  • Free Inspirational Electronic Music

    Free Electronic Music Flexvector is offering a whole host of free electronic music albums on his site. And did I say FREE?!?! Check out FlexVector’s site here The artist is a really cool guy, and he releases most (all?) of his works under the creative commons attributes license (which means you are free to use, redistribute, modify his work, etc.)

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  • Tutorial Preview: Animating With Fractal Geometry

    Animate Fractals in After Effects (Updated: Now Available Here) An experiment with animating fractal geometry.  

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