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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 3)

    Today’s Creative Challenge led me on a more humane path. Rather, I decided to create something with a human element, not entirely abstract. The result is rather cliché, but I hope to continue on this path for next few days or so in order to expand my own tastes.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 2)

    Today marks the second day of the Creative Challenge. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, my personal challenge was inspired by Beeple’s daily challenge posts. The idea is to post at least one creative render every single day.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 1)

    This is where it all begins. I recently stumbled across Beeple’s daily challenge posts and was inspired. The idea is to post at least one creative render every single day, regardless of how horrible or unfinished it may be. I would like to begin my own daily challenge to see how far I can get and to track my creative progress over time.

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  • Why You Should Buy Adobe Creative Cloud Right Now

    You will probably never have to buy another Adobe product again. No more CS4 and CS5 and CS5.5 or even CS6 – there is now only one version of the Creative Suite: The Creative Cloud. And it is here to stay.

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  • Interview With Dan Beggs

    If you’ve been keeping your ear to the electronic music scene, you might have heard a thing or two about Dan “Karmaeiic” Beggs and his latest tracks. DigiDabble’s Miles Hewitt, a musician himself, also had the chance to get behind the scenes with the electronic wizard.

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  • Music Review: MGMT “Congratulations”

    Congratulations is an album that demands engagement. I bought it when it came out in 2010 and listened to it a bit before moving on to other things. Returning three years later, I am surprised by how well this self-consciously experimental album hangs together. There is nothing approaching “Electric Feel” in any respect. Congratulations is capital-A Art, and I admire that.

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  • Mind-blowing Cascading Animation for Google

    More than 40 short videos made for the Think with Google 2013 event to present various speakers and the topics of their lectures.

    Design / Animation: Daniel Rodrigues and Vitor Kanamura
    Soundtrack / Sound Design: Matheus Leston

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  • Develop Your Creative Habit

    It is my belief that most of us have far more free time than we are willing to admit, even to ourselves. Us humans are adept at convincing ourselves that relaxation is an essential part of everyday life. While it may be essential to relax once in awhile, it is simply not an every day necessity. Surely more can be accomplished if we are willing to cut out unnecessary things in our lives for simply a day or two, to develop a creative habit.

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