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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 10)

    Can you endure the Creative Challenge? The challenge so far has been both rewarding and draining for me. This render is fresh out of the oven.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 9)

    Have you ever tried greyscalegorilla.com’s transform plugin? The creative possibilities abound with this plugin, making it easier than ever to transform darn near any object into darn near any other object.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 8)

    Reel Smart Motion Blur is a fantastic plugin, but can have unintended consequences if you aren’t careful.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 7)

    I realized that I have begun to run out of ideas. Call it creative block, but I seem to be creating the same things over and over. Tomorrow I am determined to create an image that doesn’t look like anything I’ve made before.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 6)

    Since I’ve been living and working in Hoboken, NJ, sometimes I want to look at anything besides New York City. Can you guess which one this is? The image was created using vector blurs, lightning effects and a color overlay.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 5)

    This image was created in After Effects using Trapcode Form, a well-known plugin from our friends over at Red Giant. Depth of field was used in combination with several color gradient overlays for the final effect.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 4)

    Gruesome though it may seem, this image was rendered inside of Cinema 4d and then composited in After Effects. The human model is included with Cinema 4d, and so I wanted to make the model a bit more… unique.

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  • Incredible 3d Architecture Visualization – The Ruin

    Once in awhile, I come across a piece that truly stuns me. This is one of those rare pieces. The rendering was completed by a team of designers and was created in 3ds Max using VRay and was composited in After Effects. Well done.

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