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  • Volumetric Lights – TCC18

    Some amazing things can happen when you combine volumetric lights with over-bright values. This image was rendered with the standard renderer in C4D and lit with 3 over-bright volumetric spotlights that had slightly different red tints.

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  • Kinetic Typography – TCC17

    I’ve always wanted to do kinetic typography but never had the guts to do it. Creating a kinetic type animation is no small feat. Each letter must be constructed from scratch using shape layers and transitions.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 16)

    This render was creating in Cinema 4d using Vray Bridge and a greenish glass material. The animation was inspired by Beeple’s masterpiece Transparent Machines, and while simply a mere reflection of Beeple’s glory, I only had a single day to work on this animation.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 15)

    The scene was created in Cinema 4d using a sound control plugin (free for download) from Renderking. I made extensive use of Xpresso inside Cinema 4d to animate various mograph values based on bass, treble, and mid readings from the sound file.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 14)

    In the world of corporate graphics, there can often be little room for creativity. Striving for something both beautiful and utilitarian in can sometimes be a great struggle. You sometimes just have to suck it up and go for it.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 13)

    I love clouds. I wanted to create something along the same lines, but a tad more realistic. At the same time, I threw in a few mirror effects to add a touch of absurdity to the image. It kind of makes me think of the geometry of nature. If I could change one thing, I’d add a bit more contrast to the image.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 12)

    Ever heard of sacred geometry? There’s some pretty interesting research out there about the subject. In any case, today I whipped together a little render inspired by the concept of sacred geometry. I might do a few more of these.

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  • The Creative Challenge (Day 11)

    I’ve been using Cinema 4d since R11, but never made the jump to V-Ray for rendering. “Too slow”, I thought. “Not worth it.” I was wrong. V-Ray is an absolutely incredible render engine across the board. In order to use V-Ray for Cinema 4d, you must also install the V-Ray Bridge plugin. While a tad confusing at first, I eventually figured it out…

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