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  • Can’t Kill Us – TCC25

    Today’s render is a music visualization of “Can’t Kill Us” from The Glitch Mob’s upcoming album “Love Death Immortality”. The render was created by using Trapcode Sound Keys to scale different shape layers based on the audio waveform. I then added a kaleidoscope effect and shifted colors over time using CC Color Offset.

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  • Plexus – TCC24

    Today’s render was created by applying Plexus to a text layer and animating the deformation of the plexus layer. Be sure to turn on Depth of field inside the Plexus settings in addition to the camera settings if you are trying to create something similar!

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  • Range Selector – TCC23

    Range selectors are incredibly useful tools, allowing for the animation of an entire word, character by character, with ease. Properties ranging from skew to position and scale can be manipulated based on the selector. Try them out!

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  • Matrix Twist – TCC22

    Today’s render is the result of a double matrix extrude on a sphere with a twist deformer and environment fog. A spotlight is positioned below at over 100% intensity. If you’ve never tried out the matrix extruder, now is the time!

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  • Pixel Art – TCC21

    Creating pixel art is surprisingly difficult, even inside After Effects. I might look into software that is particularly designed for creating retro style pixel art. I love art that reminds me of the gold old days, and pixel art definitely does that for me. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at it just yet. We’ll see where the future takes me.

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  • Matrix Extrusions – TCC20

    Today’s render was the result of my newfound curiosity with Cinema 4d extrusion methods. The matrix extruder in Cinema 4d is quite possibly the coolest feature ever. Create a sphere and apply matrix extrusion and you’ll instantly get an organic design.

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  • Video Copilot Releases Future City Pack for Free!

    If you’ve been following Video Copilot recently, you most certainly have already heard about the ground-breaking Open GL rendering plugin called Element 3d. VC just recently released a completely free “Future City” pack, with submissions being sent in from all over the world.

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  • Shape Layer Repeaters – TCC19

    Shape layer repeaters are a powerful vector tool inside After Effects that allow for all sorts of intricate designs without leaving the application for something like Illustrator or Photoshop. The image above was created entirely with vector layers.

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