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  • Sketching Layers Using Illustrator

    With the technology of today, we’ve seen a massive change within the art movement. Since the 1970’s digital art has become an essential part of the creative process for artists wanting to express their creativity in a different way. There has become a new creative process born where artists are going from pencil to paper and then to the computer to further express their ideas. Everything usually starts with a vision. Then maybe an idea is born which leads to a sketch, a doodle, or anything that can spark another idea.

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  • 10 Unique And Free Fonts

    Finding the perfect font for a project is always a treacherous task. When your own font library has been exhausted your options are limited. Instead of paying the big bucks for typography you may not ever use again, check out some of these unique and free fonts!

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  • This New Wolfram Language Will Change the World

    The possibilities are endless. The Wolfram language is incredibly easy to pick up, being symbolic and visually focused, while also integrating an incredible array of data, computing resources, libraries and APIs which allow new programmers to create incredibly complex programs with very little effort.

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  • The Last Day – TCC30

    Today’s render was created using Element 3d and shape layers. The first part of the render was styled very similarly to the open of my 2013 reel. The next part is supposed to come as a surprise.

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  • Steve ‘Scribbly’ Jobs – TCC29

    Today’s render was created using the scribble effect in After Effects after posterizing and then auto-tracing a picture of Jobs based on the luminance channel.

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  • Just Another Creative Challenge – TCC28

    Today’s creative challenge is a WordPress theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. I’m going to continue to refine the theme, hopefully to the point where I will be able to sell it online! Today I decided to post this update as a single post, but I will most likely continue on self-contained projects throughout the week.

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  • Dreamy Ocean – TCC27

    Today’s render was created using Trapcode Tsunami, a little known plugin from Red Giant Software for After Effects that is exceptional at doing one thing: rendering ocean scenes.

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  • Particular Fun – TCC26

    I’ve always wanted to learn more about Trapcode Particular, and I think today’s experiment in Particular is going to be one of many to come. Particular is an industry standard plugin with more features than you could dream of.

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