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Visit Vinhson Nguyen’s

He has a fantastic site going there, and a lot of free motion graphics related resources and tutorials. I personally learned a lot from this site, and I hope you guys will, too!

I truly think that After Effects video tutorials are the way most people can and should learn After Effects. Being able to rewind, pause, and revisit these tutorials is an invaluable benefit. Creative Dojo is just one of many After Effects tutorial sites I visited on a daily basis when I was first learning After Effects.

Happy Learning!

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Dakota Wixom
Dakota Wixom is the creator of He was raised by the Internet and sold his soul to Adobe After Effects at an early age. He recently started, another tutorial site, but aimed at financial and technological literacy rather than design chops.

If you have any tutorial requests, design jobs or business inquiries, hop over to our contact page and drop him a note!


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