Why You Should Buy Adobe Creative Cloud Right Now

What is the Creative Cloud?

I am currently a subscriber of Adobe Creative cloud, and greatly recommend the service. For those of you who don’t know, Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription-based Adobe service which provides all the Adobe software (even programs which you cannot buy individually) for free download, online cloud storage, free hosting for up to 5 Adobe-based websites, and access to numerous other Adobe services and perks such as Adobe Edge Web Fonts.

Why you should join us in the Cloud:

Seamless integration.

The beauty of Adobe products is that they easily work together. I can pull After Effects compositions into Premiere, Photoshop compositions into After Effects, Edge animations into Dreamweaver, and on and on and on. There is rarely any need for file conversions – and more than that – they simply work together well.

The features available in After Effects, for example, are mostly unique to the program (and thus the program does them VERY well), but the program falls short in some areas. For example, Photoshop has much better smart selection tools and 2d-masking abilities. If I ever feel that After Effects isn’t cutting it for a certain project, I can just swipe on over to Photoshop, modify the image, and the cruise back in to After Effects without breaking a sweat. Where else can you do stuff like this? All these applications are simply built for each other.

One version forever. All applications.

You will probably never have to buy another Adobe product again. No more CS4 and CS5 and CS5.5 or even CS6 – there is now only one version of the Creative Suite: The Creative Cloud. And it’s here to stay. As a result, whenever an awesome new feature comes out, you don’t have to buy anything new or install a new application, all you need to do is simply hit update. Presto.

Welcome to the next generation.

The Adobe team will no longer have to wait until the next release cycle to roll out a new feature. In other words, as soon as Adobe builds a new tracking system or 3d rendering system for After Effects, they will release it instead of waiting a year for the next version of the Creative Suite to be released.

Be creative anywhere.

No more emailing files to yourself and manually copying and pasting files from hard-drive to hard-drive. Now you can put all your files on the cloud and access it from anywhere. All you need to do is sign in to the Creative Cloud. Even if the application isn’t on the computer that you’re trying to access the files from, you can simply access them online and download them directly from Adobe’s cloud server. Easy as pie. I put my recent work on my cloud server because oftentimes people want to see my work, but I don’t have my laptop or hard-drives with me. Now I can access my work from anywhere, including my phone! No cable required. Now you can do you graphics work on your bed while eating a box of cheese puffs. Look how far civilization has come.

One purchase, two computers

As an additional perk, the creative cloud license allows you to install each and every application on two devices. Got a laptop at home and a tower at work? No problem. One price. This makes the cloud storage service even more useful! You can actually work on the same After Effects project that your tower is rendering by opening up the same project on your laptop and working on other compositions. Got a new computer? No problem! Just install the Creative Cloud on your new computer and move all your applications and cloud data over, no hassle.

A ridiculous amount of goodies.

When you purchase Adobe Creative Cloud, you’re not purchasing one application, or two, or three, or even 10. You are purchasing ALL the creative applications, including all the applications that will come out in the future. You are also purchasing access to betas, tutorial services, cloud storage, free web hosting and limited domain names, Adobe fonts, and even a Behance subscription. What more could you possibly ask for Christmas?

You can actually afford it.

The new pay-per-month subscription service actually makes a ton of sense. If you couldn’t afford to shell at the $1200+ for each new creative suite, worry no more. Now for $50 a month, you can have access to ALL the Adobe creative applications. To put that into perspective, even if you’re a small design studio, you can pay for all the software you will need for an entire month by working for about 1 hour or so. They’re basically giving this away for free.

Furthermore, the Creative Cloud subscription is currently being offered for only $19.99 a month at the Adobe Education Store for students & teachers. $19.99 a month might sound like a lot to some- but if you really think about it, it is worth it. The Creative Cloud subscription can be cancelled at any time, and you have automatic access to the most up to date software, FREE OF CHARGE. No more upgrade fees to get from CS5.5 to CS6.



Finally, though it may seem trivial, but having immediate access to updates, files in the cloud, other applications, fonts and social media straight from your desktop is something that could be easily overlooked when designing an application. All you need to do is hit the cloud chain icon in the navigation bar on the desktop, and all the powerful features of the cloud are immediately available. Would you really want to have to go through each individual application to gain access to each individual feature?

In my opinion, it’s about time. I strongly recommend this service to anyone who can afford it, and to anyone who needs access to multiple Adobe applications. In fact, since purchasing this subscription, I have been encouraged to try a whole bunch of new Adobe programs like Muse and Edge Animate which I never would have even touched before!

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Dakota Wixom
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