Tutorial: Create 3d Titles in After Effects (Any Version)

3d Titles in Any Version of After Effects

Whether it be a logo animation for a corporate client, web graphics for a local business, or a promotional spot for a new TV show – 3d titles are EVERYWHERE. Learning how to create 3d titles in After Effects without having to resort to more time-consumning 3d software packages like Cinema 4d will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

In this hot, fresh, new tutorial, we will cover three different techniques for creating 3d titles in different versions of Adobe After Effects:

  1. Videocopilot’s Element 3d Plugin
  2. “Faux” 2.5d Titles in CS3+
  3. 3d ray-traced titles in CS6

Before the dawn of time, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, amazing plugins like Element 3d and Trapcode Mir simply did not exist. Motion designers had to resort to more primitive methods of simulating 3d titles. In this tutorial, I will show you the ways of this ancient people, as well as bring you up to date with more modern methods of accomplishing the same task.

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